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"It was such a pleasure working with you that I felt compelled to write to you. As you know, I lived in my home for many years. I knew that I would need someone to help sell my existing home and buy a new home for my family. However, I did not realize all that went into it and all that I would need to know to protect myself and make sure that my home sold and that we purchased a home that was a good investment as well as something we would love for years to come. You helped me to accomplish my goals in every way. You helped me to ready my home for listing and set a price that would secure a purchase in a timely manner. It was important to me to be able to get the price I needed to move to my next home and make sure that it did not sit on the market for too long. It worked out perfectly! The level of customer service, knowledge and support that you and your staff provided was unparalleled in my opinion. We are now happily living in our new home and know that it is because of you that we were able to find this home and negotiate the purchase. Please know that we will always be grateful for your level of professionalism in helping us reach our goals."

The Tillett Family


"Thanks, Rubert. You've been wonderful to work with and we would certainly recommend you to any of our friends. If we decide to put our house on the market you will be the first to know."

Bruce Onweller



"Dear Rubert:

It is Thanksgiving Day today! It is my favorite holiday of the year because it is stress free when compared to the business of the Christmas season. Thanksgiving is a time to pause and reflect about all the things in life that we are thankful for. I am thankful for the little things in life that we all take for granted. I am especially thankful for the time to spend with family and friends this Thanksgiving Day.

One other thing that I am most thankful for this past year is having met and worked with you as my real estate agent on the Outer Banks. My wife, Carol, and I started investing on the Outer Banks in the late 80´s. We have dealt with all types of real estate agents on the Outer Banks in the past. Some of these agents try to sell you property that you really do not want; others try to sell your property without really doing the necessary work to make the sale; some of these agents tell you what you want to hear rather than tell you the truth; others never call or provide you with the information when they say they will; some agents tell you your property is worth more than it really is just to get the listing. Really good real estate agents who do all the right things and who are easy to work with are hard to find. I truly believe that we have found the right real estate agent in dealing with you.

If you remember it all started when you were cold calling Ocean Sands homeowners about this time last year. Your call was really perfect timing. I was in the midst of going back and forth to the beach, building an eight bedroom eight and a half bath home on the oceanfront in Ocean Sands as well as moving and remodeling a house in Ocean Sands. I was nearing completion of remodeling the house that I had moved and thinking about listing it for sale. The agent who I had been dealing with up to that time knew that I was going to sell this house once I remodeled it. The trouble was this agent never called me once during this whole remodeling process and still has not called me to this day. You came along and you got the listing because you cared and you wanted the business.

We listed the moved and remodeled house that was now sitting on a lake in Ocean Sands. We sold this house for exactly what I was looking to sell it for. The great pictures you took of the house really made a difference in the sale. In fact, you took such great pictures of this house that the editor of the Homes and Land magazine asked us if we wanted to have the picture of this house on the front cover at no charge. I could not say yes fast enough. Looking back, I can not believe how fortunate we were to have this house on the front cover. Normally there is a year´s waiting list for properties to be on the front cover and you have to pay for this.

Just after we listed the moved and remodeled house, we also listed a six bedroom oceanfront house that my wife and I had built in 1999. You also came through for us on this one as well. We could not be happier for what we were able to sell this house for.

It truly has been a pleasure doing business with you this past year. You are as great a person as you are a realtor. I look forward to dealing with you on ventures that we have in the future.


Thomas F. Kern, Jr.
November 24, 2005

July 10, 2006

Mr. Rubert Wilson III
ERA Costal Properties
6225 N. Croatan Highway, Suite D
Kitty Hawk, NC 27949

Dear Rubert:

Now that we have unpacked and are, for the most part, settled in our new home, we would like to take a few minutes to thank you again for you excellent services as the listing agent in the recently concluded sale of our former home in Southern Shores.

From our previous home selling experiences, we were aware at the outset of the challenges and potential pitfalls of the process. It’s Hard to say whether those experiences lowered or raised our anxiety level, but we were undeniably anxious about trying to sell our Southern Shores house in a saturated, stagnating market.

Recognizing and relieving our anxiety was one of the things you did best. You did that by demonstrating your knowledge of the local housing market, by employing a complete array of marketing tools, by explaining and handling the technical and legal aspects of real estate transactions, and by negotiating adroitly with buyer’s agents. Above all, you did it by keeping us abreast of developments at every stage, especially when offers to purchase were on the table. Timely and through communication is surely one of your greatest strengths as a Realtor.

It’s also worth noting that you are a good listener. We bombarded you with questions and took up a lot of your time as we struggled with the difficult decision-making points that arose. Your were well attuned to our concerns and needs, and in making suggestions you never tried to push us. Rather, you emphasized that you were interested only in doing what was best for us.

Throughout the process, even (especially!) in it’s most difficult moments, we were absolutely confident that we were in good hands. Thank you for everything.

Tom and Tina Harper
Seven Lakes, NC

Rubert Wilson, III Broker
Phone: 252-207-3557